XP Clean Up

Windows XP is easy to clean up if people know what they need to do. This operating system was one of the most stable designs from Microsoft, but it can easily become cluttered with issues. This is why the cleanup process is important. 

Disk Cleaup

There is actually a program called disk cleanup in Windows XP that runs a scan of temporary Internet files. It can clear these files and the recycle bin. This makes it easier for people to do multiple things without trying to run different tasks manually.


The registry for Windows XP needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent old programs that are no longer installed from running. Lots of people have DLL error messages that occur when programs cannot be found. It is easier to get a registry cleaner to remove these things.

Start up Programs

People that want to really cleanup programs and expedite the boot process should consider running the msconfig command from the command line. This allows people to see exactly what is starting up. They can choose to enable or disable certain programs. 

Windows Installer

One of the best ways to remove unwanted programs is through Windows Installer. This allows people to remove any programs that are not needed. This is a free program that can be downloaded. Windows XP has an uninstall area, but sometimes there are programs that cannot be deleted. It is much better to simply run Windows Installer in order to make sure that the program is removed. 

Virus Protection

The best possible virus protection for cleaning up viruses and spyware for XP is Microsoft Security Essentials. This is the best way to protect XP machines. A regular scanning schedule should be set up.